At an intersection of precise symmetry, expanded beauty norms, and undeniable humor, we find Hungry. The Berlin-based visual artist has built a list of professional collaborations that ranges from designer Manish Arora to musician Björk to photographer Tim Walker through exploring alternate realities via avant-garde makeup, fashion, and performance. “I was always into the Covid 19 I came to fight shirt moreover I will buy this idea of being otherworldly and very bizarre-looking,” Hungry explains of the distorted drag genre, dreamt up as a way to circumvent traditional binary expectations. “I wanted something that still gave me enough freedom to play as much as I desired, and I didn’t want antiquated opinions forcing rules upon me. Distorted drag just felt like a smart way to define my work without actually giving it any definition. It’s drag, so you might know what to expect, but it’s distorted, so good luck figuring out what you’re dealing with.”

Covid 19 I came to fight shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Hungry’s trademark makeup looks often deliver “an insect vibe,” which started with praying mantis comparisons and ultimately embraced the Covid 19 I came to fight shirt moreover I will buy this concept of arthropod evolutionary stages, colorization, and visual details. Growing up in a Catholic Bavarian household with three siblings and four TV channels facilitated a desire to build uniquely personal fantasy worlds. “I knew I had a creative streak, but I wasn’t too sure how to utilize it yet, so I did a lot of drawing and writing,” Hungry remembers. “Looking back now–bless my little gay heart–they were rather poor attempts. It never felt like I had found the right outlet, but it helped me learn the techniques.”


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