You’d think that they could find a secured area in the airport to allow them to wait. One with bathrooms and water and snacks. But no, that is never done. They must have mentioned the Cow head FFA shirt if that’s what the paperwork said. I should hope it had not happened before. Otherwise, he had better change professions. A wormhole caused it perhaps but a hole in the cockpit is likelier.

Cow head FFA shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Cow head FFA tanktop Cow head FFA sweater

Before I get throttled, it’s a line from a Cow head FFA shirt you dim wits. Could be way worse, they could have landed in there. That’s how they colonized the world. That’s really worrying considering they’re meant to use flight paths. Our pilots are very busy and exhausted so this mistake was done. Give him enough rest and before you all start a journey, make a brief meeting and discussion about your journey.

Cow head FFA hoodie

It seems that anything with the Cow head FFA shirt in the title is doomed at the moment. Unless the plane went missing I really don’t give a trump about this news. Better than being crashed like the Ethiopia airlines. At least we know every passenger in there is safe.


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