When you first became the Dachshund Mom shirt owner of dachshund, you discovered that strange and unusual things became common. There was an angry knock on the door one morning. When we answered, there was a woman asking to know if I was the owner of a toddler in the ceiling below our front yard. I decided to go see what was going on. I went to the garage and got on my lawn mower (I have a slight disability) and went down there. My miniature Dachshund followed.

Dachshund Mom tank top

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We went there and my dachshund saw the Dachshund Mom shirt child and loved it at first sight. Other dogs are from the neighborhood. My small town doesn’t enforce leash laws. The story does not completely end there. I saw that the police would come to pick up the child. I grabbed my dachshund and hugged her on my lap. The child started to cry when being picked up and my dachshund followed the ballistic path.

Dachshund Mom tank top

tank top

I own a miniature dachshund and a few semi-feral cats. When things are too quiet, it’s best to find out exactly what’s going on. Usually, it is a cat on the kitchen counter. They know they shouldn’t be there but they can only help them. While the Dachshund Mom shirt cat is committing a crime, our little bread will jump out of the bedroom. How can those cats challenge their people !! Rules are rules and must be obeyed !! Kitty will soon find a hiding place, my dachshund will rush back to bed without hurting the offending cat.

Dachshund Mom sweater, hoodie

Dachshund Mom hoodie


Dachshund Mom sweater


This is Lisle, a long red hairy dachshund. A young family stays here until they realize their child has an allergy. She was two years old when she joined our family.
I moved to my old house now with my beagle and dachshund. I have owned many dogs and this pit is the Dachshund Mom shirt most gentle and sympathetic dog I’ve ever had. On the other hand, my dachshund is a fool. Among other things, he will protect the food bowl without the intention of eating. He just wants to get food. The pit, who can bite him half, will only wait until he has finally boarded the ship. Occasionally, dachshund will choose a battle with the pit.

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