Ego is the father of Peter Quill, while Yondu is the Daddy by day gamer by night shirt  one who raised him from 8 or 9 years old. Therefore, quoted, he (Ego) may be your father, the boy, but he is not your father. Her pregnancy has been confirmed but I will answer as if it were. Tristan Thompson completely ignored her and openly deceived her when she was in the third trimester with his child. He apparently dated a friend of Kylie, at a party, and Khloe tried her best to ruin the life of Jordyn Woods.

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To get revenge, even though Tristan was the Daddy by day gamer by night shirt  one who deceived her. So he humiliated her over and over and proved that he really didn’t care about her, and even though she had a child with him. It was awkward for her, even if she didn’t see it that way. There will be very little attachment between father and son. I will not open my heart to you when they have any problems. There will be a great distance of communication and they will be like complete strangers in the house.

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