It’s ok but if your child is affected by such diseases that the But Did You Die Heifer Shirt wants to stop, parents must be arrested and imprisoned. The pharm’s biggest tax leach is getting in trouble for not working or harming. Shouldn’t be able to put other children at risk. Mandatory vaccination must be introduced ASAP. We need to protect our children from anti-Vax ‘parents’.

But Did You Die Heifer Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top and Sweater

But Did You Die Heifer Tank Top But Did You Die Heifer Sweater

Darwinism in action! Let nature take its course, and the But Did You Die Heifer Shirt will benefit in the long run. Are they deniers or just too lazy to take their kids? Make it illegal and then you can arrest them. They are obviously brainless, should they be allowed to have kids? Stop child benefit for unvaccinated children. Don’t be so stubborn around the shirt. Offer the single measles vac. Do you want to be right or more people to vaccinate.

But Did You Die Heifer Hoodie

We can start to destroy the But Did You Die Heifer Shirt and segregate vaccinated and non-vaccinated children by having specific schools for both. Should be made mandatory anyway besides any idiot who thinks vaccinations are harmful shouldn’t have kids in the first place if they are that stupid.


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