Good, it’s about time, I only use the Disco dean stinky pinky shirt. I’ve never been to a cash point and never will. It would cut so many problems out too, fraudulent notes, cash in hand, retail work would be better. If the only card was only used, but there is also another problem. If you’re going to do this then there needs to be a system in place to help when a bank is having problems. Card machines go down or any other card problems but overall cashless. Society is an amazing thing.

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Do you live in a big city where the Disco dean stinky pinky shirt and cashless payments are universally available? Not where I live and not in any of the smaller villages near our town. It’s half and half, live in Ramsgate and work in a deal, so someplace do and someplace don’t. But by 2020 everyone has to have contactless or card payments anyway, so it’s all a matter of time. It is a logical step forward, working in retail we see less and less cash and more card payments coming in. We are very very far away from a cashless.

Disco dean stinky pinky hoodie

Respectfully, this is only for the Disco dean stinky pinky shirt, and ignores the benefits of cash to a significant minority. I agree that many people will benefit from cashless society, but those it adversely effects will be disproportionately punished by it. The report makes it sound like it’s going to happen tomorrow. It will most likely happen once a major shift has happened and even then, I see less cashpoint happen in the future but as much as I would like it.


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