They offer the elephant hunters the Donald Trump Veto shirt. What a sad story would it be if such beautiful creatures were extinct, what a positive paradox when poacher becomes the 1st protector. I would love to keep one as a pet. Good for it to put the incentive on the place. I say we start decorating our houses with trophies made from poacher’s bones. Don’t tell the Americans where they are they will kill them for the pleasure.

Donald Trump Veto shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Donald Trump Veto tanktop Donald Trump Veto sweater

It must be so much fun to hunt poachers. What an amazing Donald Trump Veto shirt by him, they are such beautiful animals. So a leopard can change its spots after all. What beautiful animals. They need to be protected. Give people alternatives to poaching and hunting. Thank goodness they help them that’s great news.

Donald Trump Veto hoodie

I have never understood why the people who are wealthy enough to buy body parts and skins would not instead prefer to go on the Donald Trump Veto shirt or buy photos or take the photos themselves. If they are wealthy enough then they must have a level of intelligence at some level so why can’t they use logic to instead use their wealth to benefit wildlife and groom their macho egos that way instead.


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