It does happen here middle-class snobs getting their brats into posh schools. That’s the Drake Saints shirt settled then. That’s clear proof that your allegations of corruption are totally true. Meanwhile, those of us who have friends or relatives at those universities and who are not from privileged backgrounds must clearly be wrong. Parents have always bribed their kid’s way in by making charitable contributions to the university or its sports teams.

Drake Saints shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Drake Saints tank top Drake Saints sweater

I assumed they had to bribe and have it disguised as the Drake Saints shirt. No way all these stars have bright kids and several of them to boot. The so-called elite taking the short cut. Why am I not surprised. It was going so well until the anti-white propaganda kicked in. The rich paying their unqualified kids way into a university is hardly a new thing.

Drake Saints hoodie

It’s no different to affirmative action getting students their places. Legacy admissions should be abolished. The Drake Saints shirt should be equal for all! It’s totally different. Affirmative action helps students of colour from low-income backgrounds who demonstrate the intelligence needed to succeed at university.


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