I would never show my Dreamcatcher Horse shirt or tell anyone if I won. It’s bloody dangerous. Take good care of your health to enjoy your new found fortune. Hope it makes him happy. And that’s not sarcasm I really do wish him the best. I’d travel the world too, make sure the grandkids are ok in the future and a few charities will benefit. Good luck to him and his future 20-year-old wife.

Dreamcatcher Horse shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Dreamcatcher Horse tank top Dreamcatcher Horse sweater

Everyone will now come out of the woodworks begging for money. Good luck to him, enjoy every penny of Dreamcatcher Horse shirt. Look, he’s sharing his champagne with the world! What a guy!! May you enjoy every penny of the win, and good luck on the new journey around the world.

Dreamcatcher Horse hoodie

Enjoy the Dreamcatcher Horse shirt and ignore all the jealous comments. Finally, someone who speaks the truth. It will change you, enjoy! Hopefully, he donates to charity as well. Good for him. I’d do exactly the same. Wouldn’t see me for dust. I would probably do the same.


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