This is the pattern of Dungeons and cats shirt almost everywhere drought and floods. If it rains a 500-year storm and the drought for years. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. So you are saying that this rain was a result of cloud seeding? Not a natural, Meteorological occurrence? That’s going to make the sheep all soggy. Whales normally see a lot of water. That photo above the headline is a golf club I think.

Dungeons and cats shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Dungeons and cats tank top Dungeons and cats sweater

A massive Dungeons and cats shirt combined with very rapidly melting snow have caused major floods. My heart goes out to everyone affected, on both sides of the world. Must have been caused by English rugby fans crying into their beers. There are lots of fat horny girls in Wales, the men are too busy with the lambs.

Dungeons and cats hoodie

I actually quite like the Dungeons and cats shirt. Are you sure it’s rain and not beer after there win yesterday? That’s the tears after their woeful performance in the rugby yesterday. The countries are currently cloud seeding. There are plans to expand on that. What do you expect the Whale new water to swim?


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