I totally agree with you, Canada is a non-issue here, Mexico, on the other hand, is a totally different story. I say build that Elephant Mickey Vacay mode shirt. I said the comment as a joke. I couldn’t care less about America and its problems as its not my country. I have bigger things to worry about with my joke of a government in the UK. You had better check out Ukraine and interference with the elections.

Elephant Mickey Vacay mode shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Elephant Mickey Vacay mode tanktop Elephant Mickey Vacay mode sweater

That’s like locking the Elephant Mickey Vacay mode shirt to an empty room. If you want to, feel free, but the calories it took to turn the key could’ve been used for something more worth while. Like scratching yourself. will end up in prison or executed for treason. He has done more to damage America than any president in history. It’s not just about his part in trying to destroy the president.

Elephant Mickey Vacay mode hoodie

It’s started when he tried to fundamentally transform America. He tried to make the Elephant Mickey Vacay mode shirt a one world order, along with many other corrupt people. Don’t you worry, he’s still working behind the scenes. You can laugh all you want, you’ll see it all come out in God’s timing because he is revealing the evil in this country. He’s using the president to do it. Like it or not.


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