Good! Which elephants were used during the Elephant Stay out of my bubble t-shirt African War? If so, they had to import these elephants from Asia. African elephants cannot be tamed and trained as easily as you think! But let LE use that average speed in the article about 20km / h. Now how do we get that 6 ton beast on the track is another question. How many would you expect to show for this event? How much should we charge for admission?

Elephant Stay out of my bubble tank top

tank top

Should we have other animals in the race to compare? Do you think we can get some famous athletes running along the elephant? OK, once we’re done and it’s time for the event – (oh, I forgot one thing – does the elephant use theĀ Elephant Stay out of my bubble t-shirt start block for the 400-meter race and who created the start blocks? ? And in just 72 seconds, the elephant crosses the finish line. I would assume we accept it as the end when its trunk crosses the finish line and don’t wait for all of it to pass! is the final verdict from the judge.

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