How easy it must be to judge and discriminate. She had the Elephant Sunflower shirt and it is working for her. I would be proud of her! Just stick her in warehouse or soulless desk job. No one would care about the tat. Actually, they do. You wouldn’t be employed in a nursery is your face is tattooed. I would hire her for my office if qualified. I wasn’t allowed my tiny nose stud in my job and had to take it out.

Elephant Sunflower shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Elephant Sunflower tank top Elephant Sunflower sweater

I work in healthcare finance. My immediate supervisors don’t care. I can leave my Elephant Sunflower shirt uncovered in the office but it doesn’t fly when senior leadership is around. There are some industries where it won’t ever be acceptable. No way you could get away with having the word cursed above your eyebrow in my job. I’m afraid.

Elephant Sunflower hoodie

I know. They are afraid to set precedent by hiring and changing minds. Same happens with progressive Elephant Sunflower shirt. Don’t want any face tattoos meeting with my clients. I had to cover my arm tattoos for my last job. Luckily, I don’t have to at the current one. But I’d definitely say, depending on the industry and area of the country or world, it’s still iffy to get a job comfortable with tats, let alone face tats.


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