This is not an Eleven day of Christmas shirt official holiday and everything works as usual. Even organizations are very quick on holidays (government, banks, etc.). Christians make up about 2% of Israel’s population, but, naturally, they are mostly concentrated in some areas: Nazareth, Haifa, Jerusalem and some small villages in Northern Israel. To make it simpler, there are 2 days: Greek Orthodox and Maronites / Catholicism.

Eleven day of Christmas tank top

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In the Eleven day of Christmas shirt three major towns, Christians mainly concentrated in some areas near Christian churches and schools. In these areas you can feel Christmas. Moreover, Haifa, very multicultural, has a long tradition of decorating and lighting several central areas of the town from early December to mid-January. It is called Festival Festival and it includes Hanukkah, Christmas Maronite and Greek Orthodox Christmas.

Eleven day of Christmas tank top

tank top

This festival quite special in Israel and people from all over the Eleven day of Christmas shirt country come to Haifa during that time, like a small trip to Europe to see Christmas. While Christmas still has a Christian name, and the story of Jesus’ birth is somehow mentioned, the rest of the observation has nothing to do with Christian faith. Observe the following. I love Christmas, and I love my family, I love family time. I have never been married or in a relationship where the ONLY thing I want for Christmas is BF’s spouse.

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Eleven day of Christmas sweater


Eleven day of Christmas hoodie


Give gifts and spend money to Eleven day of Christmas shirt put yourself in debt. Dressing an interior and exterior home. In fact, if any religious group should avoid celebrating it, it must be a Christian, because it can be interpreted as a mockery of our faith. So please don feel bound by religion or lack it to celebrate Christmas.NO !!! Gifts for Christmas / Hanukkah and birthdays. Easter has a basket, Valentine’s Day has a decoration / candy, and that’s it. Please do not attempt to commercialize yet another holiday. Strangely, I didn’t like this song, I never wanted to have just snacks.

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