Humans have been catching fish for thousands of years. It is Fishing the best form of social distancing shirt a natural activity for many. Recreational fishing is an old and legal sport practiced by thousands of people in the United States. Most fishermen and women are better environmentalists and conservationists who try to ban fishing as cruel. Fishermen pay to buy fishing licenses and they pay to register their boats, some of which go into conservation and law enforcement for wildlife. People, in part, get out and experience and enjoy nature. They value this enough to pay to keep it for everyone.

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Asking if fishing is cruel to fish is not the same as asking a worm on a hook to catch fish that is cruel to the Fishing the best form of social distancing shirt  worm. It does not matter, it is a worm, it is a fish. Is it cruel to chase a fly or a mosquito? Is it cruel to kill a mouse or mouse in your home? No, it is irresponsible isn’t it. They are all disease vectors and catching and releasing any of them outside only pushes the problem to others. I caught fish and ate them. I caught fish and released them. I caught fish and kept them in an aquarium (not game fish, that is generally illegal). I caught fish and preserved them for my biology research. I have had euthanized fish disease, deformed or old fish.

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