I see that gorilla on the left with the French Bulldog Frenchievenger shirt. That’s basically what I see when I look sideways into the mirror. He looks like he is trying to go through a small space sideways. The one on the right looks like the shirt after the Italian grandma was done fixing it. These rangers are heroes for their dedication to this job. I was just reading about these rangers last week.

French Bulldog Frenchievenger shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

French Bulldog Frenchievenger tanktop French Bulldog Frenchievenger sweater

The official park website lists so many deaths on their news page¬†what wonderful people to dedicate their lives to these animals. Virunga region is really full of threats. As I want to travel one day to see the French Bulldog Frenchievenger shirt, I’ve read about other parks too. All these rangers deserve my full respect for what they are doing, and mainly the ones in the park, where they put their lives at risk.

French Bulldog Frenchievenger hoodie

The French Bulldog Frenchievenger shirt is cute, but the circumstances are so sad. Such a terrible plight for all the animals and humans in that region of the world. Once gorillas learn how to take selfies, it’s over for us humans. I just burst out laughing at work reading this. It took the words right out of my mouth.

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  1. valerie

    “5 stars” Very funny t-shirt
    Well printed, bright colors

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