First of all, hundreds of years, where does that come from Friendgame Endgame shirt? He was frozen for 70 years. And, as stated above, he was frozen. You’re not aging when you’re frozen. His aging process stopped. Then, look at Cap from First Avenger vs Cap in Endgame. You can tell he’s older. He looks older, since 13 years have passed, between being woken up after the Ice and fighting in Endgame. And he ages like anyone else. That’s why he looks old after he stayed in the past to have a life with Peggy Carter.

Friendgame Endgame tank top

Avengers: Endgame largely features an instrumental score composed by a long-term Friendgame Endgame shirt. Maybe not overall better, but Endgame had great moments and that last hour was great. I was extremely satisfied and content with that movie. First, I’m assuming you mean when Strange, Tony Stark, Spiderman, and the Guardians were on Titan, and you’re scenario happens during their battle with the mad titan.

Friendgame Endgame Tank top

Tank top

Well, Thanos had possession of 4 of the stones at the time. The reality stone, which allows the user to change reality within a nearby area. The power stone, which grants the user incredible physical power, including strength and stamina. The Friendgame Endgame shirt. This one is a bit trickier, as it is never shown what the soul stone does, although it was stated in the endgame. The space stone, which grants the user the ability to teleport anything anywhere in the universe.

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Now two stones, the reality stone, and the time stone would both have stopped Thanos from dying. We have seen in Infinity War that the reality stone has a Friendgame Endgame shirt (Thanos turning Drax and Mantis into shapes with the reality stone., and then they become normal when leaves with Gamora. The space stone would also allow Thanos to just teleport out of the star.


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