While the whole country was going to theĀ Frontline American Dispatcher Essential T-shirt station through the First Response, people forgot about the Last Responder, many of whom treated COVID infection long before the virus was identified and recognized as contagious. Infected to humans and fatal! All boiled down to who cares for the dead? Crematories are not licensed to handle still direct. First responders usually deal directly with the dead, unless an orderly person takes a covered paper for the morgue.

Frontline American Dispatcher Essential tank top

tank top

Funeral homes are an essential task, and mortgages have long known about PPE thanks to what they do – AIDS, Hepatitis, SAARS, MERSA, etal. – but not recognized. Usually, it’s a debate about an over funeral home and running a shoddy business! To all theĀ  Frontline American Dispatcher Essential T-shirt thoughtful, upright and fair funeral directors out there, still doing what they have always done, HOORAY! And WWE is essential as a national sports entity, as its opponents are AEW, Major League Basketball and all national sports companies.

Frontline American Dispatcher Essential sweater, hoodie

tank top


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