Finally we know how Arya Stark killed the The girl has a name Arya Stark shirt Night King in ‘Game of Thrones – The Long Night’When the GOT star answered still unread, Sapochnik opened, “Oh, then I can’t discuss more with me ” Williams didn’t understand that statement very much, “You’re like,” We’re fighting the white ball? Will the Night King die? So who killed him? What happens? ”And no one said anything. Why doesn’t anyone say anything? This is crazy. ” When the cast read the end of Episode 3, it said that Arya would save the 7 Kingdoms with a quick sprint and crash into the Night King with a knife from Valyrian steel. ”

The girl has a name Arya Stark shirt, tank top

And then a huge applause Harington re-envisioned. “This face” is a great success for her character, and is completely unexpected. It The girl has a name Arya Stark shirt was too unexpected, but Williams was also extremely worried that the fans wouldn’t like it. “An unspeakable excitement,” she said. “But I immediately thought that everyone would hate it, that Arya was not worthy of that honor. The most difficult thing is in any series when you have built an extremely bad villain to destroy and then you have to destroy them. It must be done wisely or people will hate it.

The girl has a name Arya Stark Tank top

Tank top

“Well, such a villain is not killed by a girl weighing 100 pounds when she jumps into stabbing him, you have to make it cool.” And then I told my boyfriend and then he seemed like “Oh yeah, isn’t Jon doing that?” But The girl has a name Arya Stark shirt then Williams also accepted the idea that it was great when the GOT team started filming episode 3, especially after the scene with Melisandre (Carice van Houten) when the Red Witch told Arya about “brown eyes, green eyes and blue eyes.

The girl has a name Arya Stark sweater, and hoodie

The girl has a name Arya Stark Sweater


The girl has a name Arya Stark Hoodie


Her eyes will make them forever “prophecy from season 3 – proving that killing the The girl has a name Arya Stark shirt Night King is Arya’s fate. Harington said he was also shocked when Arya was human ending the Army of Death, especially after Jon’s classic face-to-face meeting with the Night King at Hardhome, but he was also pleased with that dramatic turn.


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