What really went wrong with the air traffic control. As long everyone is safe. You’d think somewhere along the I got no spare smokes shirt, the gate, cabin and flight crew would have noticed something a bit sideways. They have canceled all flights to the EU already. We are not due to be hermit Kingdom yet. The flight plan is prepared by the flight operations personnel and communicated to this and inserted into the aircraft flight management system.

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It’s worrying that the I got no spare smokes shirt crew didn’t realize they were flying in the wrong direction. The remainder must be responsible. Why was the pilot not questioned when the flight diverted? You have in-flight drinks decide you knew where to go. The plane was probably on autopilot all along, google maps must have betrayed him.

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Somebody needs to go Specsavers. I guess it could have been worse than just delayed luggage. Why didn’t the tower say anything on his I got no spare smokes shirt? I remember that time I flew us to the wrong destination. A mistake is spending more on your credit card than you want not flying a plane to the wrong airport.


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