Never had such hypocrisy and hatred for a festival witnessed. Biscuits for The Grinch the The Grinch Stole my pancreas shirt new year, Christmas, marriage, promoting these saints films more than gods but Deepawali biscuits are bad.This is why I decided to go green and give some Green Greenary to poor children in Deepawali this year. Every summer I organize a big BBQ party and when everyone comes in and out (including me) I just tell The Grinch people to leave them wearing shoes because it’s a lot of trouble to wear on and off.

The Grinch Stole my pancreas tank top

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I also organize a Christmas party and unless the The Grinch Stole my pancreas shirt snow is falling and people are  The Grinch wearing boots, I just tell them to keep their shoes. I don’t have rugs and all my floors are hardwood or ceramic tiles so it’s easy to clean. If my house is carpeted The Grinch can think twice but cleaning is not so simple. In fact, yes, I do. A cashier accidentally scanned an expensive item when I was buying Christmas presents at a famous NYC jewelry store.

The Grinch Stole my pancreas tank top

tank top

I found it when I checked the The Grinch Stole my pancreas shirt bill. When I got my car, I realized the amount of pay was  The Grinch too low to be accurate. So, after checking where the error occurred, I took the item back, explained it to the cashier, and quickly paid for the item. The Grinch was confused but no one knew. No harm, no foul. I am very neutral about it. It eats very cool, but all I usually have is like a pile of mashed potatoes and some cranberries. So that part is just an eh.

The Grinch Stole my pancreas sweater, hoodie

The Grinch Stole my pancreas sweater


The Grinch Stole my pancreas hoodie


I see Thanksgiving as part of Christmas / winter preparations, because that’s the The Grinch Stole my pancreas shirt way The Grinch it is for pilgrims. In addition, my family often shares lists of xmas with each other on Thanksgiving and I allow myself to listen to xmas music starting at Thanksgiving, to change the The Grinch vibe. Cool stuff, cool time. And also, it’s a great opportunity to show your gratitude and love to your family and everything else you’ve been blessed with!


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