Librarianism and authoritarianism are neither left nor right, they are up and down on the H2O Delirious shirt But I will love this political compass. Well judging from thos comment section its safe to say no american knows what left or right is. You have a DUTY to form organised armed militias PRECISELY for such an event.

H2O Delirious shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

How many BLM followers are eating up the H2O Delirious shirt But I will love this media narrative The true definition of the BLM & ANTIFA movements. Which makes me wonder what you would consider far right because your ‘normal’right seems already pretty far. That should send a messageThey have no interest in fact checking bcz that would prove their irrational fears aren’t justified. I don’t have their names correct but it’s the Liberty group and now a Bush group. This is a cheaply done damage control with eleme tary spindoctoring without any phd in manipulation.


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