It’s time to ditch medieval, antiquated beliefs! Invented by men, for the control, and subjugation of men. The Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt isn’t about if we should have religion or not. It is about terrorism only. It needs to live separately in separate countries. That won’t work, eventually, they’ll kill themselves and move into your country as refugees. That plan didn’t go well for the country.

Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell tanktop Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell sweater

Why should they have to stay home to practice their Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt? This is so unfair. Why don’t have countries that are strictly for Christians? Just Christians only, we have Muslim countries only. the bible literally tells people to pray in the closet. Not to be a hypocrite and do it in public. So there is that.  The constitution specifically states the government supports Catholicism.

Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell hoodie

It falls short of openly declaring a state religion. The bible says to fear the church or selectively choose where to pray. You are taking the bible out of context. The Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt did say to an individual not to be critical in anything they do, like personal worship, dishing out help but did not condemn going as a church to worship in a big house.


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