On August 21, 2017, there was a total solar eclipse. We live dog in Canada, far enough north that there’s the Head dog dick love dog Christmas shirt smallest piece of eclipse that most people will never notice. This girl certainly did that and she lost her mind all day. There was a window in my little apartment facing the sun and she protected that window all day. She sat behind a table and stood up with her hind legs to peek. She only dog relaxed if it looked like I was looking at her window and as soon as I looked away.

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She was back. The Head dog dick love dog Christmas shirt moral here is twice: Cats do strange things for seemingly strange reasons. They are full of personality and will react to different stimuli differently so most likely if your cat feels cold, they may just want to snuggle more. Also, my dog answers always get more views when I put cat images on them. You will have a happy laugh from it. Cats just naturally curious. Just this morning, my cat Jack, who was dog sleepy wandering at the foot of the bed and stared at the wall. I really didn’t really give it much thought.

Head dog dick love dog Christmas tank top

tank top

What I did realize was that he was tracking the Head dog dick love dog Christmas shirt movement of the second hand on  dog  my wall clock. A few minutes later, Jack got out of bed onto my closet, jumped into the closet, jumped on my vase, tiptoed on the vase and then dog tried to enlarge my wall to get a clock. wall. He wants to get the movement of that second hand in my watch. He almost got it until the vase flew with Jack. The last vase lay on dog the floor but did not break. Jack is clumsily curious but very intelligent. He reminded me that I need to change the wall clock to save day time today.

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Head dog dick love dog Christmas sweater


Head dog dick love dog Christmas hoodie


I do not eat anything to laugh? I don’t eat meat but I grew up at dog a Head dog dick love dog Christmas shirt time when no one in my culture was a vegetarian. Some of us eat masculine vegetables because we have a garden and it’s a cheap way to support our family. A pot of beans, a pot of dog green vegetables and a pan of corn tortillas will go a long way. We grow up with dogs and cats as pets but know that all other animals are food, even if they are considered pets.


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