Considered the mecca that every Harry Potter fan wants to be in. This place has hidden secrets that Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Home shirt you never knew? No matter how much you love and learn about Hogwarts, are you confident that you know everything about it? There are tons of details in books and movies, just missing a line of words or a few seconds of movies can make you miss something special. Do you think Hogwarts is in England? Sorry to say you’re wrong. Do you remember Hogwarts students going a long way on a train to reach their beloved school? The truth is that the School of Witchcraft and British Magic is located somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

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According to Harry Potter Wikia, Hogwarts was founded in 990 AD. This Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Home shirt is impressive when compared to other famous UK schools: Trinity College was founded in 1592, while Oxford University began accepting students in 1209. For over 1000 years, through many wars and events, it still stands there. One of the first places Hogwarts students have to visit is the Great Hall hall. It is very large and extravagant, not exaggerating to say this is Hogwarts’ wonder. The marvel of this hall lies in its ceiling, the ceiling reflecting the actual weather scene taking place right outside. If the sun is clear and blue, the Great Hall ceiling is also full of sunshine, and if the snow falls.

Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Home tank top

tank top

The Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Home shirt snowflakes will fly in the hall. At night, everyone can sit in the Great Hall and watch the starry sky. There are many secret rooms and walkways at Hogwarts, some of which are not on the Marauder Map. For example, in the fifth volume, Harry and his friends found the room called the Request Room on the 7th floor. The Request Room is an interesting place. It does not easily appear before everyone who seeks it. To find it, you have to overcome it three times and be very focused on what you want.

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If you want a light sleep, it will give you a comfortable chair. If you need to study the Defence Against the Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Home shirt Dark Arts, it will give you all the tools you need. And even if you need to use a toilet … you know already. In Hogwarts castle, there are 12 main towers and nearly a dozen smaller sub-towers. The tallest tower is the Astronomical Tower, where students study stars and planets through telescopes. That’s where Snape killed Dumbledore.

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