Your teacher may be a hard grader. He may use grades to motivate students to learn. In your case, it seems to be working. I think you would benefit from a study group. If fellow students help each other. The Hulk Teacher Math Shirt group usually improves together. You can also do lesson at Khan academy. I’m not sure from your brief description if you tried any alternatives before hiring a tutor. Different students learn best with different methods.

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If your teacher’s methods don’t work for you, then you need to find another way to learn. For you, this Hulk Teacher Math Shirt instructor may not be a good teacher, but you can cope and learn anyway. The teacher is there to help you. Have you taken your questions to office hours? To campus tutors? Your teacher is not your only source of instruction. You are ultimately responsible for your own education. The teacher was maybe 30 or 40 years old, max. We both know she had calculators—maybe not advanced calculators, but she had them, nonetheless.

Hulk Teacher Math Tank top

Tank top

Also, we had basic calculators for addition and Hulk Teacher Math Shirt subtraction, not some expensive one for high school math. I’m not sure how having that calculator relates to how spoiled someone is. I wanted to point this out very badly. But keep in mind this was also in 4th grade, so everyone was powerless. Teachers held all the power; we just needed to avoid antagonizing them, which was becoming extremely difficult. But, with a little bit of self-restraint, the whole class managed to keep their mouths shut.

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That’s when she resumed her rant, which lasted for a Hulk Teacher Math Shirt good 45 minute period. It was second grade, and I was handing in my weekly vocab cards. I had my hair in a little ponytail, and I carefully got up and walked to the teacher’s desk. Well, some kid decided to run into me, making me fall and drop my cards. Forget my bruised knee, my flashcards were out of order! My teacher smiled at me, and said in a sickly-sweet voice “Don’t worry, I’ll still give you credit.”

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