I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 tank top

IMHO, a positive step, that should definitely go miles towards ward off any kind of  I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 shirt unnecessary hysteria (the last thing that is needed right now) and also create awareness about this issue. . Panic is not needed. Responsible action, following instructions and taking preventive measures are extremely important at times like these. This is a BIG no no. People who are responsible for something as serious as this by those responsible can lead to mass panic and anxiety. Something completely irresponsible and not okay at all.

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 tank top

tank top

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 hoodie, sweater

He said that if you feel ill, have known contact or traveled internationally, stay at home. If you are old or at other risk, stay home. If none of them, don’t overreact, don’t panic. Healthy people are not affected by the I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 shirt virus. We need to support local businesses and not panic. Seems to be the usual advice on Mr. NUNES’s side. Perhaps we should start cutting down trees, fencing villages, boycott anyone who looks different, blame those who are not at fault for our poor hygiene practices, and generally panic and run. Around like complete idiots.

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 sweater


I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 hoodie


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