I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 tank top

People think they are going to be stuck at I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 t-shirt home but will not run out of toilet paper. Something something you continuously need, but don’t normally stock in abundance. When faced with the prospect of being unable to shop for a couple weeks, raised one of the things you put on your list. Then, when this spike in buying creates a hole in the shelf, because these are large bulky packages, expected to sell at say twenty a day, but instead fifty packages go in one day, notic noticeable.

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 tank top

tank top

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 hoodie, sweater

Now, people who were also in the I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 t-shirt store buying supplies, but who don’t have TP on their list, see the hole, think “Oh, I’d better get some for myself, before they are all gone” and that doubles the spike.Now the shelves are really emptied out, because 100 packages is all they had, again, that’s a large section of the store emptied out. They can restock, of course, but the store is crowded. Meanwhile, people take pictures of the empty shelf and spread it on social media.

I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 hoodie


I survived #toiletpaper Panic 2020 sweater


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