I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU ARE MAKING NOW. Yes i will brag on both $15 and $17 an hour because its more than i was making when i worked at walmart. PEOPLE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR A LIVING WAGE, AND GRATEFUL FOR A FEW CRUMBS.

If you think Scottish Temper Tee shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

THIS IS 2020 NOT 1984 YEAH AN AMAZON EMPLOYEE SAYS SHE MAKES 17 AN HOUR INCLUDING THE HAZARD PAY. PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS AND LEAN INTO THE MOMENT ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO BRAG ON 17 DOLLARS AN HOUR. He accepts no blame but takes credit over every other persons endless work to get thiIf you think Scottish Temper Tee shirt Besides,I will do this s under control.


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