Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is not related to Joker put on a happy face shirt Justice League movie or DCEU main franchise. According to Wikipedia, The Joker is part of a new main DCEU pair called DC Black. Joker is probably a better villain, probably the best villain because he’s completely crazy and evil. Magneto is angry and violent, but he is also very noble, kind and decent. If mutants who are equal members of society are treated with respect.

Joker put on a happy face tank top

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He will immediately stop being a Joker put on a happy face shirt bad guy and may become an intellectual activist and public peace. Although he loves words, Magneto has a good place in his humanity. He has empathy, compassion, and justified anger. He became a mutant god on such things, like the usual Apocalypse. Joker will only give up evil if. Good question, Joker likes chases too much. He likes to make big plans and bring ‘bats almost to death, but Batman always gets an advantage at the last second.

Joker put on a happy face tank top

tank top

Joker likes this, even knowing that he will lose because he is Joker put on a happy face shirt addicted to adrenaline almost win. They both knew he was going to hide from Arkham, but they both did it. Batman because it’s right, and Joker because he has fun. There was a time when Batman pretended to be dead, and Joker was really sad. He doesn’t know what to do with himself, (Like in Megamind.)

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Joker put on a happy face sweater


Joker put on a happy face hoodie


Joker almost killed himself, until Batman brought him back to Gotham. The Joker put on a happy face shirt layout of the Joker has immediately changed, from lost to a purpose. That is all Joker lives, haste, planning, and joy. Ironically, consider Batman kinda created him. (See Batman, 1989) Joker likes to torture Batman but never kills him, it’s too much fun. Personally, I would say Joker is better developed, we know how Joker will behave but the true development of history.

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