Pennywise needs fear to be effective, and Batman is – if not completely fearless – certainly, the Just Fear IT Pennywise shirt man who has mastered his fear. Fearlessly, he resorted to driving violent psychopaths to chase after heroes … It was just another night on the street for a man like the Dark Knight. Pennywise works by pulling your fears in the form of an illusion and transforming to mess with you. Which can be more helpful for someone who doesn’t often encounter a crazy scientist using fear gas.

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Fear has the Just Fear IT Pennywise shirt same effect and there is the same kind that is used to it. You might think that Pennywise is not a murderous clown. Much of the disgust from outside the stars in the form of a killer clown. Can make him a more dangerous enemy than the Joker. Wayne dressed up as Bat because he believed it was a criminal. In general, a very superstitious and cowardly person, and Pennywise showed time and time again that it was a complete coward.

Just Fear IT Pennywise tank top

tank top

Pennywise also has a major drawback in that it takes on any weakness you believe it has, so Batman really just needs to believe that giving it an attack will definitely work. In addition to being a coward, Pennywise is also the type of fool. It was defeated by children because it underestimated them. Pennywise is best a cunning bully who allows it to possess enormous arrogance and brutality blinded the possibility of failure even when it has been defeated.

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Just Fear IT Pennywise sweater


Just Fear IT Pennywise hoodie


Briquetting, Batman knows powerful magic practitioners like John Constantine, Zatanna, and Dr. Fate, so if he finds Pennywise too much trouble or even just realizes that he’s dealing with a birth magic item, he will not hesitate to call in the Just Fear IT Pennywise shirt Standby Specialists. Pennywise is not a human being; It is another freak that causes fear in humans. Pennywise will be the problem that Joker causes because Joker is really safe from Batman killing him, and Pennywise doesn’t have that luxury. Batman has no problem using lethal force against the horror of demons, especially those targeting children.

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