I have never shaved any part of my face and would never consider doing so. I shaved my King Cuntevery on Saturday. That makes me feel hot and horny, which is a good thing when I get fucked. Do not eat meat or poultry but vegans also stop consuming other words while vegetarians are no longer responsible for any pain and suffering of animals, vegetarians still is a cunKing of Cunt.

King of Cunt tank top

From the TV show, Dead Deadwood, Wild Bill Hickock, told Jack McCall while they were at the poker table that his mouth looked like a king of Cunt. After that, he continued detailing why it looks that way. LAUGHING! Because Snape has always been a lie. He kept insisting Marauder play pranks on him, but no one forced him down, he absolutely wanted to find a werewolf, no one made him do it. Do you think politicians and CEO Attorneys or anyone with power has your best interest in mind? IS NOT! : p wow! Incredible. Who would have thought that those in power would serve the hungry, greedy king himself! A whole lot of them.

King of Cunt shirt

I met a rather despicable shite at school. His name is Graham Wilkinson from a town named Fauldhouse in Scotland. A king of Cuntof has authority, abuse, bullying, a guy who basically ends all argument with a punch in the face. I wish you were not sick. This Emntis King is the reason why my girlfriend abandoned me, and also why the whole school hated me for 1.5 years. She bullied me so many times, even if I ignored her, she would steal my stuff and hit me. I kept my anger for too long.

King of Cunt sweater, hoodie

King of Cunt sweater


King of Cunt hoodie


If you’re selling something or a scam artist trying to steal old people’s money, no, it’s not rude. : p I love making love to phone scammers. What a bunch of Cuntthey Kings! All around the world. See, people like the cozy feeling that Supes gives them. Some of the golden kings of Cuntto soar from the sky and save the day so you don’t have to do it yourself. But if you know half of the shit they will be up to … ooh … damn it. But then … that’s where I came from. ”

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