Law will come into full action against killer for killing 50 innocent. If he is left unpunished then murders rate will increase by a hundred times as happen in Pakistan. The Lionel Richie All Night shirt may bring him to death but forgiveness will bring him to the right path. I am a man of principle. Those who suffered pain, bleeding and injured and then died with pain are the ones who can forgive or not forgive. Actually, they suffered. As they all are dead now so the state will take revenge as per law and will punish him.

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Although she is his wife he is not authorized to forgive. I know her wife will be very angry with such the Lionel Richie All Night shirt but she is now dead to communicate her anger. He can forgive own injury but not authorized to decide other people pain and agony. What a genuinely amazing soul. Far better human than myself. This gentleman brought tears to my eyes.

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Forgiveness is undoubtedly the best quality, but I don’t understand why the man is smiling. You brought the Lionel Richie All Night shirt in no to keep killing it your turn to fill the pains. Respect to him for forgiving the man that killed his wife. He talks sense, I wish everyone felt the same as the world would be a better place. What an outstanding human being.


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