I was surprised at first too. I thought it’s a new gender-related Love, Death & Robots shirt again. The keyboard warriors are more concerned about the typo, not the article. Shame on you. Everyone is pouting and whining about the other guys but can’t even pay their own bills. Just read before you press post, this isn’t brain surgery. What a wonderful outcome to a tragic start in life. Haven and her family are inspirational.

Love, Death & Robots shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Love, Death & Robots tank top Love, Death & Robots sweater

If you actually bother reading the Love, Death & Robots shirt it does say ‘the girl’. Don’t think it is a typo more likely to be copying over a different format. Anyway, that is all irrelevant it is a great story. I highly recommend you read this to the very end. The wonderful inspiring story of a whole family, and how tragic events does not me you give up, but strive harder. Keep swimming and achieving. God bless you and your family.

Love, Death & Robots hoodie

What an extraordinary young woman and an amazing family who brought her up to be the young woman she is now. Honestly, you people repeatedly going on about the Love, Death & Robots shirt. You need to educate yourselves in simple reading. What an amazing little girl to be able to survive that. Just like journalistic integrity. Doesn’t matter if it’s factual, well written, or even relevant. Just get them clicks.


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