If you do not feel safe, how are the rest of us supposed to feel? I agree that the Major League Jedi shirt could have been taken from the mother and brought to family here, but having heard what the brides have to say. They are not sane people at all. We should not take them back. I don’t have enough faith in this country to keep us safe from the potential murderers that have already been allowed back. Bringing someone home doesn’t mean they’re free to walk around.

Major League Jedi shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Major League Jedi tank top Major League Jedi sweater

She should be held and questioned to determine why she joined if we can understand why then we’re more likely to stop this Major League Jedi shirt happening again. She wasn’t a naturalised citizen, she was born here. Bring them home, give them a home and benefits look after them educate them. Let them set up little groups over here and blow more of our kids up. Because do-gooders live on the island. So use taxpayers money to bring these people home? Don’t think so.

Major League Jedi hoodie

Bring them back my foot. Did we tell them to go to Syria and marry terrorist? So stop talking nonsense you bloody woman bring the Major League Jedi shirt back my foot. They were their own judge, jury, executioner. Leave them where they are. I want my children to be safe. Fed up with all this leftie crap, let them live with you if you’re so worried about them. I am glad they have stopped them it will show others who want to leave there is no coming back.


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