When have we ever been threatened by a president? Your Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba shirt makes threats and then lie. You don’t even see your double standard, double talking. What rights have you lost? What rights has he taken from you? Describe your current oppression, compare your oppression with someone living in a real dictatorship, and then offer to trade places with that person.

Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba tanktop Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba sweater

We can close this book, can we open one on the top or are we gonna continue to act like they are innocent. Let’s not punish those who actually commit crimes but by all means, spend millions to investigate someone just because you don’t like Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba shirt. He’s what the minority of voters voted for. Without the electoral college, he would’ve lost.

Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba hoodie

He won on a technicality. So let’s not pretend he has some kind of mandate with a poor performance like that. We would call a minority ha but clearly still a lot of bitterness there. I couldn’t care less that he is in charge of what is appalling to me is the Marvel Avenger Endgame Shiba shirt the people that lost try to use underhand tactics to overturn a democratic win.


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