I used to love making my own Christmas card. He will get all the May contain Alcohol shirt Christmas stickers I can Alcohol , beautiful black cards, and I bought old Christmas cards on ebay to cut. I like to cut emotions from old cards to use as my greeting, and use stickers and photos from cards to make the front of the card. When my kids were little, we all made baked clay ornaments. The simplest way is a lollipop for Grows – just twist the two colors into a roll and bend the top, Alcohol bake it. I have a lot of them to put on my tree every year.

May contain Alcohol tank top

I am not good at crafts. I was very messy and unskilled. But boy, do I like them! It’s obvious Alcohol D&D (and some actors) are getting tired of producing Game of Thrones. Now, this is completely understandable, but, they should have bowed and handed the May contain Alcohol shirt reign back to more enthusiastic, Alcohol , and more competent writers and producers. But, because of frivolity or pride, they didn’t succeed but their passion no longer exists, and that showed that.

May contain Alcohol tank top

tank top

The stories became silent, but, they were no longer related to their own continuity. The May contain Alcohol shirt last two seasons Alcohol shortened (with a year off from 7 to 8, no less) is clear evidence that they were exhausted and rushed to a conclusion. Davos protected Jon Jon’s body, forgot all about Stannis, and even begged an enemy in Melisandre to perform a miracle on a dead boy that he had no relation to revive him, Alcohol what reason Really? Lazy. Jon’s revival was given because Melisandre gave him a haircut and a shower? Really? Lazy. Has Gendry been hiding in King Land Landing for 3 seasons? Lazy.

May contain Alcohol sweater, hoodie

May contain Alcohol sweater


May contain Alcohol hoodie


Littlefinger pitted Arya against Sansa for reasons not set up on the May contain Alcohol shirt screen, and then was taken to a court hearing Alcohol the time when he himself defend himself vigorously to beg? No quick thinking, no half truth, no lies? Lazy. Euron only happens on Daenerys fleet at night, undetected and destroyed it? Lazy. Jaime sank in 2 feet of river, but with one arm and armored, drifted down 500 yards down? Lazy. I could Alcohol listing the examples, but the problem is, obviously they phoned it. All the time at the castle was meaningless!


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