Where is our Mermaid in wine glass shirt? He should not have been there in the first place. It is always sad when a beloved one dies, but this gentleman died due to his own behavior. You shouldn’t try poaching animals for fun than should be. He was acting stupid and cruel and karma came and got him and do u know what I say. The animals have family’s he wasn’t coaching for a living.

Mermaid in wine glass shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Mermaid in wine glass tanktop Mermaid in wine glass sweater

I find something positive to do rather than killing undefended wild animals. Well done the animals. You ask people to have some sympathy for the Mermaid in wine glass shirt of the man who was killed. And then you say you’d like. He wasn’t a gentleman. Just a garbage man with a gun. No one decides to poach animal, regardless of they are, deserves that.

Mermaid in wine glass hoodie

What goes around comes around, it’s Mermaid in wine glass shirt, what you give out you get back ten fold. Poaching is destroying wildlife, it is an evil act against innocent creatures and poachers take the risk and greed makes them take that risk and as far as I’m concerned. The only good hunter or poacher is a dead one! Special kind of shirts.


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