Each year I make Reindeer  about 4 pages cat of what we did for Christmas, and where we went, and the Merry Catmas cat Reindeer shirt decorations we bought that year. (All decorations have a date added to them.) It is with the idea that our kids can look back on the history of our cat family. Only, no children. I realized that cat had stopped doing it, after about five years, until I caught the book that Reindeer had been filled in for some time. Ah, well, the plans and dreams we have, and then the reality of how things work out.

Merry Catmas cat Reindeer tank top

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These are ornaments from the Merry Catmas cat Reindeer shirt Reindeer  cat magazine many years ago. My mother created the ones that fit most of these things, although  cat she put her own twists and colors on them. They stay on our trees as I grow up, for years and years. Chorals-God rest ye merry gentleman, did Mary know, etc. Food – turkey, ham, mac, pumpkin / sweet potato depends on whether you are a Reindeer northerner or a cat southerner. Some people make aid lemon or iced tea.

Merry Catmas cat Grinch tank top

tank top

Once you return home from the Merry Catmas cat Reindeer shirt church more bible or at least Reindeer with me and our favorite cat family. I imagine it’s like this for Canadians who just don’t have religious things or maybe I am Jewish andReindeer don’t  cat celebrate Christmas but my wife does. I usually prepare a great dinner. I believe that Chinese restaurants are open but I’m not sure. That is a very good question. For Thanksgiving, many, but not Reindeer for Christmas. My suggestion is to type What restaurants are open in _________ (Enter your region) and see what will appear!

Merry Catmas cat Reindeer sweater, hoodie

Merry Catmas cat Grinch sweater


Merry Catmas cat Grinch hoodie


Six-year-old Charissa ran to the Merry Catmas cat Reindeer shirt cash register. Mommy! Look at Reindeer ! I cried as I spread her Christmas gift on the small Target conveyor belt. The cashier scans my mother’s Christmas gift, a beautiful little dog with a cat snowman on it. My mom cooks all our Reindeer , and  cat she’s a good cook, so a gift in the kitchen is a surefire way to get my mom something she wants. The cashier stuffed my mother’s stuff into Reindeer shopping bag, out of sight. Mommy, you can watch it now!


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