Fiona Crawford it’s not a problem having to prove something it’s the My favorite police officer calls me mom shirt But I will love this fact tnat it causes embarrassment and anxiety. I think you should just do what suits you and allow others to decide what’s best for them. It’s a case of TRYING to find a workaround that doesnt put everyone you cross at risk bless him, its so tough for them, they do not all have the understanding we have.

My favorite police officer calls me mom shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

I still wear one or at least take one with me and find a workaround that causes as little risk as possible. Also at no point did i mention anyone with autism and neither did you so im not sure why you are throwing that at me but they arent exempt from infection. He has his routine he does every day and since march he hasnt been able to do it.


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