The Group ran the Notorious ACB shirt for Senate Republicans to raise money by trying to mark the mark that allowed Amy Coney Barrett to be the “infamous A.C.B.”
The plan is an attempt to accommodate the famous languages ​​of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – R.B.G. – For a different law, the late judge of the Supreme Court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to break stereotypes about women throughout her career, helping to create a world where women can be found “in every place. Give decision.” She fights for women’s equality as an individual, not as a single group that thinks and acts the same. And Ginsburg worked to create spaces for women to “develop their own talent, whatever they might be.”

Notorious ACB shirt

Women deserve “an equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate and contribute to society based on their individual talents and capacities,” she wrote in a landmark ruling, United States. v. Virginia (1996).
The nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett embodies the idea that there is not just one way for women to think, write, and reason about the law. Certainly, Barrett has a different judicial philosophy than Ginsburg. While Ginsburg believed in a living and developing Constitution, Barrett believed that judges should stick to the original meaning of the Constitution.


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