This is stupid of course Orchids of Asia shirt made by white people is built to benefit white people. It should benefit the descendants of whom created it. People need to stop letting all these people harass them and shame them for it. Europeans created one of the greatest countries on earth. So you’re open about it, that’s good lol at least you don’t hide it and pretend there’s no racism in the world anymore.

Orchids of Asia shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Orchids of Asia tank top Orchids of Asia sweater

Why didn’t you marry a black guy if you cared so much about racism, looks like you are enabling the Orchids of Asia shirt. This isn’t about me. I’m just glad you’re the kind who doesn’t even try to hide how you truly feel. I don’t because Europeans are the most discriminated against a group of the modern world. We are the only group that is spurred as Nazis racists white supremacists when we form groups or do things to benefit our community.

Orchids of Asia hoodie

But any other racial group can form organizations and push for their Orchids of Asia shirt without such slanderous remarks being said about them. Nothing to talk about anymore. Less talk, more do. People need to understand what to do. They’ve had hundreds of years and now have google. At this point, it’s an active choice. No debate necessary. Sorry, didn’t mean to reply like this. Actually wanted to Like in agreement but my finger got stuck.


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