But in the animal kingdom, the Peace love Elephant shirt animal with the most aggressive temperament will win, regardless of size or strength. There are examples of bears frightened by domesticated cats. For climbing: You will need to climb 4m to 6m before the elephant reaches you. You can’t climb an elephant the height of your shoulder, the head of a meter and another damn snout 1.5m. its. Maybe, depending on your beliefs.

Peace love Elephant tank top

Peace love Elephant tank top

tank top

If an elephant accuses you and is determined to fight, the Peace love Elephant shirt best thing you can do is pray. Not talking about the jungle, in that case, you would be dead if you didn’t manage to bring wood between you and the elephant that the elephant could not break. I think it is fair to say that even if you are a world class athlete in both long and short run, an elephant will surpass you unless you have a good start.

Peace love Elephant sweater, hoodie

Peace love Elephant sweater


Peace love Elephant hoodie


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