The technique is beautiful, the Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic shirt Pokémon are really good. But there is something that “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” can’t do, it’s the spiritual transmission of the anime series. Fans of the Pokémon cartoon series would probably be eager to go to the theater. To watch Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Because the copyright of the Pokémon brand belongs to Japan. So when it comes to subtitles, the names of the lovely beasts are changed to Japanese. Meanwhile, in the characters’ dialogue, the Pokémon’s name is all in English.

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The Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic shirt inconsistency in the names of Pokémon and subtitles is quite chaotic. Only anime episodes use Japanese names, while those approaching through English-language games or movies will remember Pokémon in English. In the movie, the Pokémon are called by the English version but when the subtitles come back, the Pokemon name is … completely transferred to Japanese? The supernatural duck Psyduck in the subtitle was renamed … Koduck, Bulbasaur on the film under the subtitle of Fushigidane, etc. This is probably just a matter of Vietnamese theaters, nothing big but Pokemon brand fans, everyone knows that watching Pokemon in Japanese or English is … a school.

Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic tank top

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Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic black tank top

black tank top

Traffickers like Japanese anime will fall under the Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic shirt Japanese Pokedex, while fans of the Pokemon video game series. Or English animation series will often be more familiar with English Pokedex. attempting to combine both Japanese English Pokedex tables to help neutralize the audience to watch the film. Making anime fans and cartoon fans able to understand the content of the movie. But this is actually counterproductive. When watching movies, two different names of a Pokemon appear at the same time will make viewers very easily distracted. Many people read subtitles that have not been penetrated yet, the image on the film has jumped to another section.

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However, please note that since the Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic shirt film adapted from Nintendo’s Detective Pikachu series. There will be some details. Or the message of the movie will not be the same as the animation. If in the cartoon, Pikachu is the “assistant” of the main character, Ash is on his adventure to conquer the vast Pokémon world and then go to Detective Pikachu. Pikachu becomes the main character and his journey to find lost memories will at the same time

Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic black hoodie

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Pikasauras Pikachu Jurassic hoodie


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