I have a few photos and some hair to remember my little I put my baby on my hip shirt, if either of those went missing, I’d be crushed! You can’t tell someone how to grieve their child, especially when you have no understanding of the situation! He might not have presented this comment rightly, but he’s kinda right you know. A sight of the strand of hair brings back all the memories and makes her return to grief and this is unhealthy for her.

I put my baby on my hip shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

I put my on baby on my hip tanktop I put my on baby on my hip sweater

I’d advice she moves on. You’ll get nothing for being a vile heartless individual. Pray you never have to know how wrong your I put my baby on my hip shirt is. So having stuff that reminds you of beloved ones is clingy. Everybody has different styles of coping and grief. The only thing that matters in life is the children you bring into this world.

I put my on baby on my hip hoodie

Do you have any idea what it feels, losing the I put my baby on my hip shirt? It is the biggest pain one can ever feel. It is the worst that can happen. Do you even realize what you are saying? Your life is meaningless if you feel what you said. Said no grieving parent ever. Disgusting you are.


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