It felt like the End of theĀ Quarantine Senior Class 2020 T-Shirt World was coming and everyone was joking. I took a second here and there to mentally apologize to any street talker who raised a cow’s head and shouted at me. The end is coming! and I regret not taking more Emrgen-C to store my immunity. Joking. My sister has been very sick and hundreds of miles in the past 3 months. Now that we are stuck under the same roof, I spend all the time I miss with her. I had a panic attack in my math final few days ago and likely failed. In short, my mental health has decreased a bit in the past month with the strain of sports, academia and the subsequent rebirth of the Black Plague.

Quarantine Senior Class 2020 tank top

tank top

Now that I’m at home, I can relax and try to cope with that anxiety instead of stuffing it deep down until it explodes. For theĀ  Quarantine Senior Class 2020 T-Shirt first time in 6 months, I woke up after 7 am! Usually I force myself to wake up at the latest absolute 6:45, even when I’m sleeping for 3 hours, so I can exercise or take extra classes before class, but now I don’t have to worry worry about scheduling around classes. I work when I want and learn comfortably.

Quarantine Senior Class 2020 hoodie, sweater



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