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On August 29, the world media was shocked by the news that Chadwick Boseman – the actor playing Black Panther had passed away. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2016 and has advanced to stage 4 this year. Boseman died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family nearby. He is only 43 years old.
Chadwick Boseman, born November 29, 1976. In 2008, he moved to Los Angeles City to pursue an acting career. He has appeared in many projects such as Lincoln Heights (2008), Persons Unknown (2010), The Express (2008) and Draft Day (2014). In 2015, Boseman played Thoth, in the film The Egyptian Gods (2016).
However, the turning point in Boseman’s career was when he played the role of T’Challa / Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War (Captain America: Superhero Civil War). The character attracted a large fan base and Marvel quickly launched its own film Black Panther (Black Panther). The film is a box office blockbuster when it grossed $ 1.3 billion, and won 7 Oscar nominations in 2019 and received 3 of them.
He continued to participate in many major films after that, notably Da 5 Bloods (5 Bloods) by Spike Lee released this year. The departure of Chadwick Boseman was a huge loss to the Hollywood movie industry, especially to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fan community has not stopped being shocked and condolences to the actor’s family.


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