I think it’s great she’s spreading happiness and joy. Nothing wrong with the Rip Nipsey Hussle shirt. It might never happen. A little positivity goes a long way, especially in this current climate. You are bombarded with negative news, so why not read something positive once in a while. So good to hear about this. Much needed to start a happy day. Such a wonderful thought.

Rip Nipsey Hussle shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Rip Nipsey Hussle tanktop Rip Nipsey Hussle sweater

It is so nice to be young and naive Rip Nipsey Hussle shirt. We could do with some happier news, sick to death of all this doom and gloom. Love how this shop is the ones to share this, yet they’re the ones that need to cheer up and the worst for making any piece of news negative. I wish they’d do a happy news programme after the TV news broadcast.

Rip Nipsey Hussle hoodie

It’s not on straight after the news, and I don’t think it’s currently on tv but if you’ve not seen it before, search for it on catch up. News round used to do that. I’m showing my age. The Rip Nipsey Hussle shirt should bring it back. I’ll look for that. you can live in reality and still enjoy some happy news.


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