Combed deeply to one side and scraped into a low-positioned knot, Shayk’s updo was defined by a distinct lack of excess texture, her brunette styled so sleekly it was free to play well with any ensemble. As evidence, Shayk opted to swap her tuxedo-inspired Etro moment for a novelty sweatshirt featuring Jerry of Tom & Jerry fame, her polished mane acting as an aesthetic intersection between elegance and casual quirk. Whether worn with oversized frames or unadorned eyes, gold hoops of any iteration, a red lip or barely-there balm, Shayk’s well-loved take on a tie-back endures—both on and off the Seniors 2020 Quarantined shirt moreover I love this runway.

Seniors 2020 Quarantined shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Consider the Seniors 2020 Quarantined shirt moreover I love this following scenario: There’s less than a minute until the Uber arrives. After throwing on that new Proenza Schouler midi and scraping hair back into a low ponytail, you’re faced with a 25-second decision: Apply lipstick, blush, or a coat of black mascara? A quick poll around the Vogue offices reveals that the overwhelming answer is to save the lashes first. (You can always pinch your cheeks while en route, and stash a crimson gloss in your bag for after dinner).


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