Your logic is spot on because we understand the value of it since we can just buy Shameless addicted shirt. When a person doesn’t have a need to struggle, they find other ideas to nurture. I’ll give you a perfect example. It has been documented, the anti-vaxxers movement started with wealthy people. For them, the idea started that, they have enough money to treat their kid from any disease.

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Because they have the Shameless addicted shirt to do so, but they can’t cure autism. I actually have an acquaintance like that. I call her acquaintance because we were friends, and seems that money really drives people to be stupid. But overall, that logic is crazy to me. But you can see how money can really twist logic.

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On the vaccine issue, I would differ as I am for safe vaccines, not anti-vaccine but I also have concerns over the Shameless addicted shirt in use and their schedules and the power of pharmaceutical companies. That’s not the same as anti vaccine though but I do think there is a place in the middle that hasn’t been explored and that there is a reason for people to question vaccine safety.


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